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25 Instagram Profiles To Follow To Keep You Motivated

Dreams are easy to fabricate, chasing them isn’t. Everyone could make better use of their time on social media to follow inspirational accounts to stay motivated to reach their goals. Let’s check out some of the most inspirational Instagram profiles that will keep you motivated:


  1. @hi_anxiety - This Instagram account was started as a companion account for a YouTube channel of the same name. While the YouTube channel wasn’t a success, the Instagram account was a hit with a subscriber count of more than 200,000. You’ll get interesting motivational posts with colorful graphics on this account.


  1. @journey_to_wellness - With over 330,000 followers, this Instagram account has cute cartoon characters sharing words of wisdom to brighten your day.


  1. @littlearthlings - Follow this account to view beautiful drawings paired with short and simple heartfelt words that drive the point home.


  1. @femalecollective - The account was founded by candace Reels who sends a message of solidarity and self-love among all marginalized groups including women, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community.


  1. @cleaowade - If you aren’t familiar with Cleo Wade, he is an artist, author, and community builder who tries to make his followers a bit stronger, nicer and happier every day.


  1. @positivelysparkly - The posts on this account have a theme that ties inspirational words with bright popping colors to add some sparkle to your day.


  1. @thehappynewspaper - The world isn’t a wonderful place. So, instead of focusing on the negative news, this account shares all the happy news to charge you with good vibes.


  1. @thegoodquote - All of us could do with healthy reminders about how we matter. This Instagram account exists for that purpose and the companion website TheGood.co digs deeper into essays about happiness and tips for mental health.


  1. @resilientblog - This account is the companion for the blog and YouTube channel of the same name. Check it regularly to get happier and inspiration invoking words every day.


  1. @selfcareisforeveryone - As the name suggests the account focuses on self-care and enables it with bright and upbeat posts.


  1. @herlifeherbusiness - The account is operated by author and graphic designer Liz Davis who has managed to overcome adversities to make her dream come true. The posts definitely reflect that.


  1. @happsters - The account and blog were founded by Kelli Pease to spread joy and positivity and she is nailing that goal.


  1. @thefemalehustlers - Posts on this account would grant you tons of motivation to get things done, whether it’s to get your life in order or to go to the gym.


  1. @annickenday - Annicken R. Day wants to inspire women to pursue a work-life balance and go after their dreams through this account.


  1. @positivebodyimage - Your body image plays a vital role in self-confidence and how you feel about yourself. The posts on this account enforce a positive body image so that you feel more confident about yourself.


  1. @justgirlproject - The Just Girl Project combines happy colors with inspirational words to fill you up with girl power.


  1. @mindfulinmay - The month-long mindfulness program has an Instagram account that posts content throughout the year to edge you towards positivity in your life.


  1. @motivationmondays - You’ll look forward to Mondays instead of dreading them when you follow the inspirational posts on this account.


  1. @mindsetforgreatness - Each day this Instagram account posts an uplifting mantra that will get you through the hardships of that day.


  1. @daretolivesos - Yvonne Doherty is a mindset coach who tries to inspire a positive shift for your mindset through her helpful posts.


  1. @ali_livingsimply - Ali is a down-to-earth mental health blogger who runs an inspirational blog on the same topic and carries forward her work through her Instagram account.


  1. @girlboss - Girlboss teaches you to chase your dreams and take more control of your life. It also teaches you to be forgiving when things don’t work out.


  1. @terrilomax - Terri Lomax likes to share her entrepreneurial spirit with her 29,000 followers and that wisdom and energy are highly contagious.


  1. @thezenspace - The Zen Space tries to stay true to its name and spreads calmness and positivity through daily posts. They also try to stick to a theme that helps you easily notice similar posts throughout their feed. Recent posts with quotes of Buddha and the black and white image of a Buddha statue in the background drive this point home.


  1. @positiveheadspace - To develop a positive headspace follow this Instagram feed filled with positive thoughts about you and the world.