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How To Actually Stick To Your Workout Resolution

Every gym gets an absurd number of new memberships at the start of each year thanks to the new year’s resolution. However, the crowd thins out within two months. Sticking to a workout regime is tough. Thankfully this article is here to help you achieve your goals:


  1. Keep your eye on the goal - A workout resolution is never about working out. You must have a deeper reason why you want to work out. Maybe it’s to look better. Maybe it’s for building self-confidence or to train for an upcoming marathon for an important cause. Whatever your reason, it’s important to make it a motivational force. Print out your goal in a generously sized font and stick it on the wall. Make it your wallpaper on all your electronic devices so that you are constantly reminded of your goal and stay motivated to stick to your workout regime.


  1. Set specific targets and a deadline - Most people have a vague target when they workout. “I want to lose weight” or “I want to be leaner”. That open-ended target won’t do you any good. That gives you no way of measuring your accomplishments. When you can’t measure your progress it’s easy to quit. That‘s why you need to set specific targets for yourself. For instance, instead of losing weight, your target should be losing 5 pounds in a month. The deadline is also very important to keep you driven.


  1. Be reasonable - Your workout targets can’t be unreasonable either. If you try to do too much in a short span you’re bound to fail. Failure is a great force that can make you quit. Instead, set small targets that are challenging, yet achievable. When you complete each challenge you are filled with a euphoric feeling and your resolve gets stronger.


  1. Make yourself accountable - Accountability is a big factor that helps you stick to your resolution. It’s important to hold yourself accountable in any possible manner. It can be in the form of a log journal detailing what you do to reach your fitness goals each day and records your progress every time. You can also make yourself accountable to others. Maybe your partner or a friend who checks on you via text or email and also encourages you to go to the gym when you don’t feel like it.


  1. Track your progress - It’s very important to track your progress when you’re on a fitness resolution. Check on the number of reps and sets you are doing at the moment and the results you got at the end of each week and each month. If you are achieving your fitness resolution by not hitting the gym, check the exercises you did in yoga class or the miles you ran that week and how they affected your body after a certain period. You can also use a fitness tracking watch and app to check your progress. When you keep track, you are on the right track.


  1. Prepare for the lazy days - When you want to make changes to your lifestyle, you are filled with motivation at the start of the routine. You hit the gym every day, follow a strict diet and do your exercises diligently. However, that initial high dries up very quickly and when motivation dwindles, it’s hard to stay on track. That’s why you need to anticipate those lazy days and prepare backups. Schedule your workouts far ahead in the calendar. You can also find a few exercise buddies who will motivate you and drag you to the gym on those lazy days. Think of it as a small support group for working out.


  1. Have fun - No matter what exercise you do, your body will create a lot of endorphins to reduce your pain and also fill you up with a feeling of positivity and happiness. That’s why you can see a big grin on people even after they do complicated circuits and are out of breath. However, all exercises aren’t meant for everyone. If you don’t have fun while running. Don’t do it. Do other forms of cardio like jumping jacks, cycling, or skipping rope. You can also pick up a fun sport that you enjoyed as a child. Plug the earphones and listen to your favorite podcast or playlist while you are at the gym. It’s important to keep things fun. There’s no other way to follow through.


Following through a workout can be very difficult with so many distractions, a tight schedule, and worries of daily life. However, these tips will help you stick to your plan and achieve your workout resolution.