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Which Exercises Burn The Most Calories

When you dedicate your time to stay in shape its best to make sure that you get the most benefit for every second of exercise. While cardiovascular exercises are good for burning calories, weight training has great benefits due to the afterburn effect that makes your body use more calories to repair and grow muscles post-workout. Let’s check out some of the best exercises to burn the most calories:


  1. Sprints - Versatility is the strongest attribute of this exercise. You can do it anywhere, on the sidewalk, on the field, at the track, or on a treadmill in your home. Your body uses a tremendous amount of energy when you charge through at top speed. Your glutes and hamstrings generate a lot of power and by alternating your sprints with recovery periods you can develop excellent cardiovascular endurance that in turn helps you burn more fat. An hour of sprinting can help you burn as many as 1000 calories.


  1. Jumping Rope - Don’t underestimate this school playground exercise since it can torch a lot of calories within a small time. Apart from cardiovascular endurance, you also get enhanced calf and ankle strength and better coordination from this exercise. Include this in your daily workout to maintain your bone density and protect against osteoporosis. If you can get 120 skips per minute, you can burn over 900 calories every hour.


  1. Cycling - If you want to avoid impact on your joints and still get a good workout that’s effective for losing calories, opt for cycling. While sprinting puts a lot of impact on your knees and joints, cycling doesn’t. Instead, it helps to strengthen your hamstrings and helps you recover from knee issues. Moreover, since it improves your anaerobic and aerobic functioning, it’s also very good for reducing your body fat. You can also do it on an indoor cycling machine if you want to avoid rain and bad weather. An hour of cycling at the right pace can help you burn as much as 800 calories.


  1. Kickboxing - Another exercise that helps you work out with low impact on your legs. While it uses your leg muscles, it doesn’t put a lot of stress on your joints and mainly focuses on the upper body and core strength. Kickboxing helps you get better agility, balance, strength, aerobic power, and overall fitness. Get a punching bad and start with basic boxing moves like uppercuts, jabs, and hooks. As you get familiar with those moves, you can integrate lunges, ducks, and squats into your routine. You can burn over 800 calories with kickboxing.


  1. Kettlebell circuits - Kettlebell circuits are one of the best forms of workout since they hello you improve both your cardiovascular capacity and strength. Depending on your body type and routine, it can help you burn 800 calories or less in an hour. In these exercises, you have to lift weights and make sustained motions for a long period. This works for both your heart and muscles. So you burn fat, increase stamina and gain strength. With more muscles, you also have a higher metabolism, which means you burn more calories even when you are sitting on your couch or sleeping.


  1. Stairs - If you aren’t comfortable at the gym and lack the drive to lose weight at home, you can use the stairs. Ditch the elevator in your apartment and climb your way up to fitness. Climbing stairs lets you burn around 650 calories in an hour and strengthens your hips and legs. It’s a perfect fit for you if you have to do a lot of work sitting in front of the computer all day. Moreover, climbing stairs can boost your anaerobic activity and helps to bring down your cholesterol. If you want to take it up a notch and work your upper body as well, climb the stairs with a light dumbbell on each hand.


  1. Rowing - Rowing is a highly effective workout that helps you burn calories and works all your muscle groups. It works your hips, back, core, arms, hamstrings, and glutes. It revs up your metabolism and helps to make your muscles more flexible and elongated. You build lean muscle that pushes up your body’s fat-burning capability. With 150 watts of power on the rowing machine, you can burn around 700 calories in an hour. If you want better results alternate between rowing periods and rest periods of push-ups or planks. This helps you torch an incredible amount of fat.