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20 Things That Happen When You Start Weight Lifting

People lift weights for numerous reasons. Some do it for strength training, some for that aesthetic body, and some do it as an obligation to fulfill New Year’s resolution till they quit in February. Jokes aside, lifting weight can do a lot more than just muscle gain. Let’s find out what happens to you when you start weight lifting:

  1. Builds endurance - You must have heard about supersets if you frequent the gym regularly. In supersets, you lift weights continuously through multiple successive exercises and don’t take a break between sets. That means after you are done with pushups, you quickly move on to a set of bench presses and finish it off with a pulling exercise without resting between the sets. This helps you quickly build endurance. 

  1. Enhanced metabolism - Lifting weights can also boost your metabolism so that you burn more calories throughout the day. You can see amazing results when you combine it with the right diet.  

  1. Promotes joint health - When you lift weights with lunges or squats, it helps to counteract the adverse effects of sitting behind the steering wheel or in front of the computer for long hours. You experience fewer back problems since your hip flexors are opened up. 

  1. Increased bone density - Strength training forces your muscles to grow dense and strong and your bones have to follow up to support that extra mass. So lifting weight can help you avoid osteoporosis as you age.  

  1. You get better on the field - Strength training does wonders for your sports activity. You get that extra power for better swings, jumps, and dives. 

  1. Women don’t need to hold back - Unless women take testosterone externally, they don’t need to fear bulking up from weight lifting. 

  1. Promotes cardiovascular health - Lifting weights decreases your blood pressure and increases blood flow. Hence, you have lower risks to your heart with more muscle mass.

  1. You burn more fat - Strength training allows you to burn more calories throughout the day, even sitting on the couch. So, you burn more fat compared to aerobic exercises. 

  1. Women recover muscles quicker - Since women regenerate ATP faster, the chemical pumps more energy for moving muscles. So, they recover muscles faster than men. 

  1. Aerobic benefits - Even if weight lifting isn’t an aerobic routine, it can bring you some aerobic benefits. You get increased stamina from increased heart rate.

  1. You stay lean - A key to a healthy physique is lean body mass and lifting weight helps you develop that. You also slow down the loss of lean body mass as you age and increase your calorie-burning capability. 

  1. You feel more confident - When you achieve seemingly impossible goals by lifting weights, it can give a boost to your confidence. Your self-esteem also gets a boost as you build your muscles and chisel out your body. 

  1. It’s efficient - If you aren’t a bodybuilder, you don’t need to lift weights for tens of hours every day. You can have an efficient workout even with a quick superset of 30 minutes. 

  1. You’re better in bed - Lifting weights builds your endurance and keeps it on an upward slope. It boosts testosterone & other anabolic hormones that have a positive effect on performance. 

  1. You plan and organize better - Lifting weights requires self-discipline, a lot of planning, and time management to squeeze in those workouts into your busy schedule. So, you get better at time management and can even apply them in your personal and professional life. 

  1. Prevent injuries - When you lift weights to increase shoulder, hip, and lower back strength, you are less likely to get injuries from dysfunctional joints and muscle imbalances. 

  1. Reduced risk of diseases - You keep most major lifestyle diseases at bay when you lift weights and keep a lean body. When you lift weights, you reduce risks of stroke, diabetes, several kinds of cancer, and more. 

  1. Socialize with confident and athletic people - When you go to the gym to lift weights and meet peers, you get to socialize with athletic and confident people and take inspiration from their lifestyle. 

  1. You’re more careful about your diet - To get the most out of lifting weights you will learn that you need to check your diet very closely. That makes you eat healthy and be more conscious of your nutrition.                    
  2. Reduced physical confrontation - There are all sorts of people and you often meet guys who are just looking for a fight. When you bulk up you avoid such nuisance since people are more likely to avoid a physical confrontation with you.