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30 Day Butt & Abs Workout Challenge

The pandemic has made everyone a bit too comfortable and that shows on the weighing scale. Fortunately, there’s an awesome 30-day challenge that can help you tone your butt and abs to the perfect shape and look confident again.


You have to do each exercise in the routine for two sets of ten reps. Keep the rest period between each set within 10 to 30 seconds. While the exercises may seem easy, you need to do them in quick succession and that makes this routine intense. Moreover, it’s challenging to keep up with the circuit for 30 days. You can’t miss out any day of the week and need to stay on track to get results.

Ab Exercises

  1. Plank - This exercise helps you build core strength and also helps you to shed a few inches at your waist. Moreover, you don’t need a gym subscription or any sort of equipment to do this exercise. Apart from your core, the plank also helps to engage your shoulders, back, arms and glutes. So, you burn a lot of calories when you lock yourself in that position.


  1. Side Plank - Side Plank is sort of an upgrade from the regular plank. When you are in that position you use your obliques and lower back muscles to maintain stability.


  1. High Plank Walk - This one is the plank exercise on steroids. It’s extremely difficult and equally rewarding. The motions in this exercise take you on a gradual path where you stress your abs and hold on to a certain position and switch back to a neutral position.


  1. V-Crunch - V-Crunch is the ultimate ab workout that lets you feel the burn at your abdomen, including the lower abs. It’s a bodyweight exercise that doesn’t require any special equipment or weights.


  1. Bicycle Crunch - When you lie with your back flat on the ground and lift your legs to do a cycling motion you train your obliques and rectus abdominis to support most of the weight of the lower body. Make sure that you move your ribs along with your arms when you do this exercise.


  1. Mountain Climbers - Don’t underestimate this exercise since it seems like a weird way of crawling on all four limbs. It can be quite a challenge for your core. When you get stronger you can try doing the exercise faster to make it more effective.


  1. Standing Dumbbell Oblique Crunches - One of the few exercises on this list that requires some sort of equipment. Pick up light dumbbells and stretch your upper body from side to side in a downward motion to work on your glutes, obliques, and lats. You can also use kettlebells or plate weights.

Butt Exercises

  1. Side Lunge - While the forward lunge requires you to lunge in a forward motion, this one requires a sideward motion. Train your glutes rigorously with this exercise to tone your butt.


  1. Glute Bridge - If it isn’t evident by its name, the glute bridge targets your glutes. It also works your hamstrings and helps you get a lean lower body with a shapely butt and toned legs. Make sure to hold yourself in the lifted position for a few seconds to reap the most benefits.


  1. Plie Squat - More graceful than the typical squat, this exercise takes some of its lessons from ballet routines. This is one of the few exercises that help you target the muscles on your inner thighs and also works a significant number of muscle groups on your legs.


  1. Squat Jump - While your body weight can help you initially, it may not be a challenge with this exercise. To work your muscles and get optimum effects of this exercise, you should pair it with dumbbells or other types of weights. After each set, you will feel the heat in your quads and would be glad for the few seconds of rest before you repeat the exercise.


  1. Donkey Kicks - The greatest advantage of this exercise is the lack of complicated form. While other exercises have complex forms that are hard to learn and perfect, this one is quite easy to grab. You can’t go wrong when you have to rest on the floor with your knees and hands and lift each leg in succession.


  1. Wall Sit - If you hit the gym regularly, you won’t see many people doing this exercise. However, its effectiveness is undoubted. It doesn’t just work your hamstrings and glutes but also helps you build your flexibility and endurance.